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What are soapstone countertops?

Soapstone Countertops… “I’ve heard of that!”

“I’ve heard of soapstone countertops, but really don’t know anything about it.” One of the most common lines we hear upon meeting new clients. Therefore, educating our clients on soapstone has become a cornerstone of our practice. 

Soapstone is a natural product made from quarried stone. Many homeowners fall in love with the natural charm of soapstone for both their interior and exterior spaces.  


Now you might be thinking, don’t artists use soapstone because of the softness properties? That is correct, but that is a different variety of soapstone with a significant amount of talc. In contrast, the soapstone that we use is a steatite stone, which includes magnesite, chlorite, and dolomite. Our soapstone is sturdy enough to be used for countertops, sinks and fireplaces. 


  1. Soapstone is non-porous.

    Spilt your olive oil or red wine on the counters? Not a problem! You do not have to worry about bacteria growing, as you would with other countertop materials. In addition, soapstone does not react to avoid, which could cause unnecessary stains.

  2. Soapstone is heat resistant.

    Are you thinking of wood fired pizzas or just me? You don’t have to sweat after putting a hot-off-the-stove pan onto your soapstone countertops.

  3. Soapstone is durable.

    It will not crack unexpectedly from weight or stress. If outside, it will also be unharmed by rain, snow, and salt. Any scratches and dents can easily be sanded out of the stone. For a perfect finish, mineral oil is recommended, which we provide to our customers. No annual sealing is required, unlike other countertop materials.

  4. Soapstone is easy.

    It does not require any special cleaning products. This is a very sanitary countertop. Soapstone is bacteria-resistant, which is why it is used in many chemistry labs too.

  5. Soapstone is beautiful.

    Exquisite appearance and natural qualities… Need I say more? 

The natural, quarried stone look is very unique. Unlike engineered stones, many individuals appreciate the fact that no two soapstone slabs are alike. 

It is evident that soapstone countertops have an incredibly long lifespan. Therefore, soapstone is a long-term option and an incredible investment for your home, workspace, or cottage. 

Hopefully this ‘sparknotes’ breakdown of soapstone has been helpful for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!