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Complete and Submit To obtain a quote for your soapstone countertop, sink, or stove top, please complete the following information by email, and we will provide you with a quotation within 2 business days.

Soapstone Countertop

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Sink Type

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Stove Top

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Process and Expectations Moving Forward

  • Should you wish to proceed you may visit our showroom to select your soapstone colour. At that time we will arrange a template date for your soapstone.
  • Our installation coordinator will call you 2 to 3 days prior to the template completion date to confirm the template time.
  • At that point we will address any questions or requests you may have, including confirmation of sinks, faucets, appliances, etc. Note that templating will be complete within 1 to 2 hours.
  • Prior to installation our coordinator will contact you to confirm a date and time. Installation will generally occur within 10 business days, and will be complete within 1 day.
  • The installation area will then be fully cleaned (you may have some residual dust due to the talc content of the soapstone).
  • In addition, we will treat your soapstone with a mineral oil or a linseed oil/beeswax combination, and include a treatment kit for future use.
  • Upon the conclusion of the installation our customer service personnel will follow up with you to confirm your satisfaction.