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Soapstone Sinks


Unique, Beautiful Soapstone Sinks

As popular as kitchen and bathroom soapstone countertops have become, it is also coveted for use as sinks. A soapstone sink is something of true unique beauty, where the grain patterns and earthy colours will dazzle you under the shimmer of water from the tap. Its high talc content makes it impermeable to water, and its extreme durability avoids the worry for chips or scratches. A soapstone sink is for life.

Standard or Custom, Functional and Practical

We are so confident in our soapstone sinks we guarantee them leak resistant for life. We offer both standard and custom sink designs, available in the tongue and groove style. We can build for you single, double or triple bowl sinks where each is carved for standard drain baskets and where possible, sink bottoms are sloped to the drain. Drain board grooves can also be added.

The nonporous nature of soapstone also means that it is very easy to clean, and as there is no obtrusive ledge in the front, they are a delight to use. There large size can accommodate big pans, cooking trays, and more. They combine high functionality with unmistakeable natural beauty.

Soapstone sinks
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