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Soapstone Countertops


An Irresistible Choice for Kitchen & Bathroom Counters

Soapstone is increasingly becoming a world-recognized material for bathroom and kitchen countertops, especially as an excellent alternative to granite and marble. The presence it instills in your home is beyond stunning, with intricate vein patterns and a wide range of rich natural colours. You can find soapstone countertops to match almost any style kitchen, coming in such colour combinations of: grey & black, green & black, grey, charcoal, black, and dark green. Soapstone has a very unique soft feeling – like touching a piece of dry soap, which is because of its high talc content. However, the Brazilian soapstone we use has a very high durability and strength, making for a perfect countertop material – or even a soapstone sink.

An Invincible Material for Kitchen & Bathroom Counter Tops

Our soapstone holds some very unique and impressive properties that make it a truly perfect stone countertop material. It has a very high fusion point with low electrical and thermal conductivity, meaning no scorch marks from hot pots and pans. It has a high lubricating power and is non-porous, meaning no staining from liquid spills. Unlike granite, soapstone is essentially impenetrable and will last virtually forever.

Bath & Kitchen Soapstone Countertops
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